Alberto Aquilani wants to prove himself against Spurs

Alberto Aquilani is not taking the coming Europa League fixture versus the Spurs as one to prove himself in.

He sees it as just another match for him in the Fiorentina outfit.

There is no doubt that the match is vital, for Fiorentina and for Aquilani too, but, being the wily customer that he is, the Italian does not want to get pressurized by over thinking about it.

Of course the fact that he has played quite a lot of big matches already in his career also helps.

He knows what to do ahead of such matches and how to be fresh by switching off from the game for a while.

Also, Fiorentina has a bit of an advantage having stopped Tottenham on a 1-1 draw in the first leg of the tie which was played at White Hart Lane.

Speaking to the press yesterday, the 30-year old midfielder said, “We are definitely looking to move further in the tournament, but, we should avoid getting ourselves too worried about that. We should train as hard as we can and then, try and concentrate on putting in some good collective effort on the pitch.”

“We are fully aware of the talent of the opposition and we also know that they would attack from the outset, but, we would counter them as a unit and would fight to our hardest.”

It’s believed that the Spurs might be a little distracted during the return leg as they’ve a Cup final coming up later this weekend.

When asked if he believes it would be the case, Aquilani said, “No, when the players get on the pitch, they focus on the job in hand rather than thinking of some other match that might be on the horizon.”