The Fiorentina midfielder, Alberto Aquilani, has been ruled out of the team for two weeks due to his Achilles injury. Aquilani has been struggling with this injury since the start of the season, since joining the club for a reported £6m (according to Liverpool news).

He hasn’t started any match for Fiorentina in the current season so far and he came to play as substitute only in two matches. He was supposed to be included in Fiorentina’s first XI for the match against Catania which is going to be played on 16th of September. But, the manager of Fiorentina, Vincenzo Montella, has made it clear that Aquilani would not play in the match against Catania. There hasn’t been any improvement in his injury and he needs to rest for a few days.

As per Montella, The doctors have suggested Aquilani to rest for at least two weeks, otherwise, the injury could get worse. The team management wants him to play in more and more matches, but, he can’t be included in the first XI unless he is 100% fit. He is a terrific player. That’s why the club has invested in him. But, unfortunately, he has had some fitness issues due to which he hasn’t been able to serve the club as much as he would have wanted to do. Hopefully, the rest for a couple of weeks would help him in regaining 100% fitness.

Aquilani himself said that he is gutted after being ruled out for a fortnight. As per Aquilani, when you join a new club, you don’t want to miss too many matches. You want to feature in more and more matches and make a mark. But, unfortunately, he has struggled with injury during his 1 month tenure at Fiorentina so far. Hopefully, it would not take him too long to make a comeback.