Betting tips on Chelsea

It is set to be an odd season for Chelsea (do they have any other kind?) with the return of Jose Mourinho to the club, and there would seem to be a lot on the line for club and manager.

Mourinho is investing his reputation in restoring the club’s fortunes, while if reappointing their most successful manager doesn’t work, it is hard to see where Roman Abramovich goes next. All this means that a lot of those interested in football betting will be gambling on what will happen to Chelsea this season, but what would be a good bet to place on them?

The bookies currently have them as third favourites for the Premier League title, behind the Manchester sides, with the most common odds being 9/4. Given the title winning experience at squad and managerial level they are certainly not a total outsider bet for this, but they were well short of United last season – although much could change based on summer transfer dealings.

It is probably better to wait and see who they bring in before putting money on them for this though. The other possible bet is for a top four place, but the odds on them for this are very low, and it is hard to see them failing to achieve this – so it may be best to watch their transfer activity, before putting a bet on them for the title, or skipping a Chelsea bet entirely in favour of an online casino football game.

There seem to be more of these games springing up all the time, as more football fans visit online casino sites – or play them on their phones with mobile casino apps – attracted by the mix of football and casino betting. One slot that has proved enduringly popular is Game On, a video slot which answers the burning question: what would animals playing football look like?
This three reel slot machine found amongst the best Australian mobile casino is loads of fun, and so cheap to play that you don’t need to be earning the salaries of Chelsea players to enjoy it. If all this doesn’t convince you then the fact that the maximum jackpot it offers is $10,000 may prove the decisive factor in convincing you to check it out.