Capello Will Have To Explain Russian Performance

The manager of the Russia national football team, Fabio Capello, will have to provide an explanation to the nation’s parliament for the team’s poor outing in the World Cup in Brazil.

Russia got knocked out from the group stage of the tournament despite being placed in not so tough group.

Out of the three matches that Russia played in Brazil, they lost one, while, drew two and thus, just had a couple of points when the group round ended. That was not enough to see them through to the pre quarter finals.

According to the contract that Capello has with the Russian football Association, he will be at his post for 4 more years i.e. till the next World Cup.

The parliament wants to know what steps he would take in this duration so that the Russian team become much stronger and performs better in the 2018 World Cup.

Many members of the Russian parliament have recently criticized Capello heavily accusing him of not doing his work properly despite taking a huge salary.

Capello is getting 7 million Pounds annually from the Russian Football Association. If the Association decides to terminate his contract right now, they will have to pay the Italian about 15 million Pounds as compensation.

Before taking the charge of the Russian side, Capello was the Three Lions manager and he hadn’t done a significant job for them either. England, under him, in the last World Cup had managed to win just one match. So, it’s hard to understand why the Russian Association was so eager to give him a long contract extension earlier this year i.e. in January.

Capello’s salary there in England was not as high as that in Russia. He was getting about 1 million Pounds lesser annually as the Three Lions manager.