The Napoli manager Walter Mazzarri has assured fans that the club will be back despite the problems faced by them in recent weeks. It was only a few weeks ago that Napoli were challenging for the title along with Juventus at the top of the table.

However, many incidents have happened since then including points penalty for the team. A couple of the Napoli players were found guilty of being involved in match fixing back in the 2009 season, which has led to the club being penalised two points now. This coupled with a poor run of form has meant that they have fallen 10 points behind leaders and are currently in the fifth position.

Despite this, the manager is confident that the club will be back to winning ways once again and will be at least able to finish in the Champions league positions come the end of the season. Mazzarri has questioned the decision taken by the Italian football Association to penalise Napoli by two points for the mistake done by two players more than three years ago. The case will now be going to the tribunal and a decision is set to be announced later in the season. For now, Napoli have the content with the fifth position in the table.

“It’s a difficult moment, but I’m certain that the team will get back on the right path. We’ve identified the reasons behind our dip. We’ll see against Siena if the things we have discussed are applied. I don’t have a magic wand, but I can guarantee that the squad will give everything that it has. Despite the points penalty, we have more points now than at the same stage last season,” said the Napoli manager, whose team has had just two victories in the last five matches.