Alberto Aquilani has taken time to discuss situation

Italian midfielder Alberto Aquilani has taken time to discuss situation in the Italian league, which is turning out into a fascinating competition for the league title.

Juventus looked seemingly out of the title race after just a few weeks. However, they have now returned firmly back into contention after several weeks of good form. Aquilani says that it would be foolish to rule out Juventus, who have won the league title for the last four seasons in succession. However, he also reckons that Fiorentina and Inter Milan appear to be ready for a fight till the end.

Aquilani knows Fiorentina very well since they are managed by Vincenzo Montella, who was responsible for bringing him back to Italy from Liverpool. The 31-year-old has also spoken about the possibility of returning back to his home country once again. Aquilani is currently playing with Sporting CP in the Portuguese league. He has found shortage of takers back in his home league. Aquilani has compared his situation with that of Stephan El Shaarawy, who has recently been frozen out of the Monaco first-team squad. The former AC Milan star is recognised as a huge talent, but he has been unable to apply that onto the pitch due to various reasons.

“Juventus are back in the race and they'll stay in it till the end. Fiorentina? Everybody here asks me what I think of Paulo Sousa.The Portuguese school of coaching is really competitive. Tactically speaking, they're extremely well-prepared.Sousa is doing some great things. He was smart to continue the work of [former Coach] Vincenzo Montella and brilliant in adding his own characteristics. I'm fine here, in fact more than fine here. I have everybody's respect and I play for the title,” said Aquilani, whose appearances has been limited due to poor form and injuries.