Following his exit from Fiorentina, Aquilani is in search of the right club

Aquilani’s playing career has taken a huge dip ever since he left Fiorentina back on August of 2015. It was during this period of time when the Italian player decided to join Sporting CP as the Italian midfielder penned a 3 year long contract with Sporting CP but despite having joined the Portuguese outfit, he has barely had any time on the pitch with his new teammates.

After Aquilani was released from Fiorentina, the veteran midfielder stated that he would like to join a club that believes in him and it’s why he opted to make a move to Sporting CP but things haven’t been working out for him as Aquilani has had to spend the majority of his time on the sidelines.

The substitute position role is what Alberto Aquilani has had to play as a player of Sporting CP which is clearly not what he wanted to have happened after leaving Fiorentina a few years ago.

"I need a club who believe in me, get me involved and give me satisfaction. I'm convinced that if I find the right situation, I still could play my way into contention for Euro 2016. Italy coach Antonio Conte and I have a mutual respect, so why shouldn't I still believe this?"

The 31 year old player was hoping that he could get a spot in the international stage with Italy but it hasn’t happened as he has failed to attract the attention of Italy’s Antonio Conte and this is mainly due to the fact that he is serving a back-up role in Sporting CP.

Italy’s latest matches have seen them playing against: Germany, Spain, Norway, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria. Aquilani has not been featured in any of these matches, not even on the sidelines.

This is clearly not the way that Aquilani wanted to spend his playing career at the age of 31 and it seems that he has not found the right club after leaving Fiorentina.